Riverbank Condo @ Fernvale

Riverbank Floor Plans

Typical Riverbank condo floor plan layouts are shown here.

Riverbank @ Fernvale has a wide range of unit types, to suit different requirements. If you would like the full set of scaled Riverbank floor plans to be emailed to you, please just drop us a note via the contact form.



Riverbank Floor Plans · Features

Varied selection of unit types from 1 to 5 bedroom apartment, dual keys, loft and cabana units.

  1. All units come fully equipped with wardrobes, aircon, kitchen cabinets, fixed kitchen appliances including washer/dryer and fridge. Furniture decks are provided in all loft units.
  2. Rooms are a good size (though not lavish). All common bedrooms can accommodate a double (queen sized) bed at least. All units have balconies to maximise views, and encourage high-rise gardening.
  3. Ground floor and top floor units get extra high ceilings – 4.8m floor to floor.
  4. Every unit comes with thoughtful provisions (see table below), such as movable or pull-out dining table and choice of either warm or cool colour scheme of finishes. Great attention to detail – even items like cutlery trays, spice racks, and semi-circular pull out wire trays (where applicable) are provided free.

Riverbank Floor Plans :: 2 Bedroom Loft ShowflatRiverbank Condo :: 2 Bedroom Loft Showflat


Riverbank Floor Plans · Unit Types & Additional Provisions
Unit Type No.
Features Provided
1 Bedroom 67 46 sqm 495 sqft Pull-out Dining Table
2 Bedroom 37 64 sqm 689 sqft Pull-out Dining Table
2 BR Deluxe 44 66 sqm 710 sqft Pull-out Dining Table
3 Bedroom 87 88 sqm 947 sqft Movable Dining Table
3 Bedroom + 57 94 sqm 1012 sqft Movable Dining Table
Alfresco Dining (selected units)
Extendable Kitchen Worktop
3BR Deluxe 142 97 sqm 1044 sqft Extendable Kitchen Worktop
Movable Dining Table (except C2dG)
Island Counter (only C2dG Loft)
Feature Mirror with Flip-up Table (only C2dG Loft)
3BR Dual Key 54 97 sqm 1044 sqft Movable Dining Table
Private Lift (selected units)
4 Bedroom 42 115 sqm 1238 sqft Wide Living/Dining Room
Private Lift (selected units)
Extendable Kitchen Worktop
Movable Dining Table (selected units)
Island Counter (selected units)
Feature Mirror with Flip-up Table (selected units)
5 Bedroom 17 129 sqm 1389 sqft Wide Living/Dining Room
Private Lift
Extendable Kitchen Worktop
Island Counter
Feature Mirror with Flip-up Table
Cabana 8 111 – 113 1195 – 1216 Island Counter
Private Carpark Lot
Total Units 555


For more information see Riverbank location or project factsheet.


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